Ex situ Collections

PGRDEU is the central documentation of ex situ collections of plant genetic resources in Germany. Ex situ conservation is the conservation of genetic resources (e.g. crop species) outside their natural habitats, e.g. the maintenance of generative and vegetative reproductive material (seeds, embryos, cuttings, cell cultures) in genebanks.

PGRDEU includes data of the following ex situ collections of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. The number of accessions of the respective genebank collection is given in brackets:

  • Federal Central Genebank of the Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) (149,071 accessions)
  • German Genebank for Fruit Crops (1,090 accessions)
  • German Genebank for Grapevine (4,406 accessions)
  • German Genebank for Ornamentals (12,932 accessions)
  • German Genebank for Crop Wild Relatives (2,162 accessions)
  • Genebank for Tobacco (784 accessions)
  • Conservation cultures of native wild plants in Botanic Gardens (2,580 accessions)

PGRDEU comprises data of approximately 173,025 accessions (samples) of more than 3,000 crops. Users can search for taxonomic information and other information such as country of origin, name and number of accession and the maintaining institute.

In order to guarantee an efficient data exchange the data fields (descriptors) of PGRDEU are in accordance with the EURISCO exchange format, which is based on the "Multi-Crop Passport Descriptor List" of FAO and Bioversity International.